Welcome! My name is Dale Gainey.  I am from Destin, FL where I grew up with my mom and dad! I was an only child but we had a large family nearby so I never lacked for company! 

My dad was a residential builder and because Destin was booming at that time he always had work but his pay was meager. I learned early on from watching my dad work so hard that I did not want that for myself.  My father always provided for our needs but we were never able to take real family vacations, buy name brand clothes or some of the other luxuries I saw some of my friends have. 

Because I wanted to go to college, I worked as a kid with my dad at the building sites to earn extra cash.  I saved most of my money but every now and then I would splurge on fast food! This was my treat to myself! 

After High School, I went to college and got a BS in Business. I was very proud to graduate because very few people in my family had gone to college.  I worked for several years in the Food Service industry but quickly learned I did not like it. I soon found a position with Allstate Insurance in their management trainee program.  I flourished in this industry and I am an owner of an Allstate Agency today! 

I have begun thinking of what Retirement might be like.  I have concluded that I still do not want my income limited and capped.  I am aggressive by nature and loathe the idea of being “bored.”

I have spent many hours contemplating what I could do in my third leg of my life that would benefit my family financially as well as keep myself happily busy!  The conclusion I arrived at is taking on an additional entrepreneurial role.  Starting my own business, being an entrepreneur give me unlimited flexibility, income potential and the freedom to set my own rules & goals and I want to be able to do this in my retirement. 

Network Marketing Entrepreneurship is what I believe to be the growing trend in Entrepreneurship.  You have potential to grown your own business and be personally involved in as little or as much as you like.  The added beauty is that I will be able to “add to” my “limited” retirement payout. 

I started looking for options and I found a Network Marketing company that fit my interests and passion for travel and vacation and I have really enjoyed it.  I started to grow my business how the company told me to by reaching out to family and friends and also talking to anyone that was within 3 ft but I have not had the kind of success I would have liked and I knew there had to be a better way to do this.

I started looking for different ways to market my business and that is when I found Attraction Marketing! Now I don't have to chase my friends down, run down the ladies in the supermarket, or go to home meetings where no one shows up! Now I have people coming to me asking me what I am doing to grow a business online.  The great thing about Attraction Marketing is it works for any online business so I have been able to share what I am doing with others that are working in different areas of online sales. 

If you are tired of chasing your friends, tired of being told no and would rather have people coming to you, then connect with me today and set up a FREE 30 Minute Consultation and let's get you started!